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18 Powerful Psychological Tricks to Influence Anyone

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You can achieve your goal by doing others to work for you. You can also protect yourself from those who have bad intentions. There are powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone you need. How to do that?

Here are some indications of powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone. Reflective listening, often known as summarizing what they say and repeating it back to them, is one of the most efficient methods to do this. psychological ploys to sway people, you’ll be able to persuade others with the assistance of these clever psychological techniques. By purposefully adopting the mannerisms and other behaviors of the individuals you want to influence, you may take advantage of this. Try nodding your head while you talk the next time you need to convince someone of your point of view. Unconsciously, people mimic the body.

First, see the two implied human trends before we understand powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone:

Trend # 1 – People resist trying to persuade them

Have you ever received an email from a marketer trying to sell you and you immediately deleted it?

Yes, he has a tendency to resist attempts to persuade even though he should employ a better copywriter. Although it may be in your best interest.

That’s why great marketers try to build relationships with you by sending you exclusive content and then trying to sell you the original product.

Trend # 2 – People can’t resist what they can’t detect

Let’s tell you to go buy a new car. And there are two types of salespeople facing you.

The first one tries very hard to show you all the benefits even though you said you didn’t want his help.

In the second store, you tell the salesman, “Hey, I’m just checking out” and he says “I understand, take your time”. And then he won’t bother you until you call him.

Now, from whom are you more likely to buy? You will probably buy it from a second salesperson.

And the reason is that he is not pushing you.

What do people really want?

We are all biologically programmed with these 8 wishes:


– Enjoy food and drink

– To be free from pain and fear


– Have a comfortable life

– To be better

– Care and protection of loved ones

Social Affiliation and Friendship

Secondary wants:

– Be informed.
– Curiosity.
– Cleaning the body and the surroundings.
– Skills.
– Benefits.
– Quality.
– Reveal beauty and style.
– Economy / Profit.
– Bid tight

Powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone

Now, let’s find some powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone you may need to apply anytime in life:

1. Make people feel necessary

People are attracted to their needs.

Do not need that feeling of the importance of their lives?

Give someone the impression that they really need it, not because you are mad, but because they are special.

Follow this strategy:

1. Explain the whole situation. What are the risks?

2. Explain who has a specific role to play

3. Emphasize the importance of his role

4. Say that he is the perfect guy for this job

5. Acknowledge that this request will require release.

Ask him if you can count on his help as one of the powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone.

How long does it take to apply this technique? Too small You can go through these steps in a short conversation.

2. In difficult times, people can do anything to achieve a sense of hope

People can endure a lot of things but lack of hope is not one of them as one of the powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone.

Those who can create a feeling of hope in the face of despair command attention.

Those who promise them are obedient.

Those who can do both are the strongest of all as one of the powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone.

The rule is this: If you are aware of the closeness, people can do anything to get the hope they need.

It’s a primary, obvious drive and it’s amazing how much we pay attention to it.

To take advantage of this you need to ask yourself, “What problem does that person want to solve?”

And how will our proposal help them meet their expectations? “

Religion offers the hope of spiritual salvation.

Companies and salespeople provide an opportunity for financial gain or a way to solve their problems.

What is your promise?

3. I’ll show you something you shouldn’t know

You watched the YouTube video where they claimed to be a secret.

We are interested to know it and we click on that video as one of the powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone.

As a result, the video goes viral.

Although, 99% of the time there is no privacy, only some unproven conspiracy theories.

We know he is probably lying, yet we watch the video.

The reason is that the opportunity to learn and understand information that some people know is overwhelming.

Tell someone, “I want to tell you a secret but promise you don’t tell anyone”. And you got his attention.

In the case of a sale, you can lower the voice at the beginning of the presentation. This tonality means that you have a great offer and should take advantage of it.

4. Make people feel energized

As a kid, Bill was a very good boy. And he did whatever his parents told him to do.

However, he is now 18 years old and has changed. She has become even more rebellious. Most importantly, he joined a gang.

His parents chastised him and stopped paying him or buying whatever he wanted. And often, his father used to be very rough on him.

However, it seems their actions worked against them.

He has become even more rebellious.

Until one day, his parents decided to try another method.

They told him:

“You have to understand that we love you. And we want the best for you. I admit I was fair with you. I’m ashamed of myself and I’m really sorry.

You are an adult person now and you have to make your own decisions. And this is one of those times. Do you want to be part of my group?

You don’t have to make a choice right now, just give it an idea.

No father, Bill says.

I want to be part of your team. I promise that from now on, I will be a better person

And by the way, this is my friend’s true cause.

He was part of a gang and his father was a cop. His father could not believe this reality, so he would be violent.

But when he had this conversation, everything changed …

Bill realized he was hurting his family too much. So he would no longer be with these boys and concentrated on school.

People need to have a sense of power as one of the powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone.

Notice when I say “energy” and not absolute power

Parents must have power over their children.

A leader must have control over his followers.

However, from a person’s point of view, they need to have a sense of control.

When you suggest a change for a particular situation or behavior. Emphasize that the person has the ultimate power to make decisions and you should not try to take it away from them.

The decision to take part or not is theirs and theirs alone.

5. Keep someone busy

The more often we can physically engage with another person, the more we can expect their loyalty to remain intact.

For example:

A church may ask its members to volunteer for small, yet essential church activities. In this way, regular volunteer members are more committed than others.

Businesses that engage in more but less frequent transactions with their clients often find more loyal customers.

We may be more loyal to a grocery store or video rental than an automobile dealership.

So, if you want to strengthen a relationship, make sure to do as many activities together.

6. Reveal the secrets of others

This strategy includes when you tell your friend “a secret” what a person thinks of him or her.

It is often used by dishonest people to destroy relationships.

However, it can be used to enhance self-image and improve relationships with others.

Imagine how it might affect that person when you not only admire him but also express how others feel the same way.

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My younger brother got in 10 maths (highest grade) and it was a great achievement because he hates math.

I said, “I’m so proud of you, but I want to tell you a secret. Do you promise not to tell anyone?

Our parents are also very proud of you and did you know how many people said that you are doing great in math?

He’s bragging about how smart you all are. He didn’t tell you because he thought you would be embarrassed. So, I just thought you should know how proud they are of you ”

The enthusiasm made him a self-image that he is good at math.

So, he began to dedicate his time to mathematics as it goes along with the image he created.

Because. Because…

When answering anything you ask, use the word “reason” and you will often find yourself agreeing with people.

People have almost immediate positive reactions to this word as one of the powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone.

People make decisions emotionally, then are justified by the information.

Create a lot of emotion in your argument, follow it with the word “reason” and then give it a fact. This formula works!

7. Artificial time constraints

Have you ever been to a bar, library, or airport and wanted to start a conversation with you? Do you feel awkward?

Unsure as to when or when this conversation will end.

Use simple phrases – like “Can I ask you a quick question?” Or “I have to leave in five minutes, can I ask you a quick question?”

This strategy gives you an excuse to talk to a stranger. Also, it may make that person more comfortable to talk to you.

8. Command

The word “and” is combined with the first and second commands.

The audience is overwhelmed with information.

He did not know which order to resist, so he accepted both. When he is about to resist the first command, he is struck with the second.


At Home: “Take out the garbage and close the door behind you”. “Go upstairs and clean the house.”

At the office: “Call me in three hours and give me an update”. “Finish this project and let me know when you’re done”.

On a website: “Click here and visit our site”. “Contact us and ask how we can help”.

People are more likely to execute your orders when they think you are an authority figure.

It helps when you look strong – and even a little threatening – when you issue your orders.

Also, tilt your head forward and raise your eyes to meet your audience. This is of intense insight.

9. Ego stops

One of the most powerful strategies but it is the most powerful strategy.

Suspend your ego, and create the view of others, wants and needs more important than yourself, people want to be with you and like you.

Suspending or holding your own ego improves another person’s ego.


I was talking to a friend about my favorite TV show, “The Big Bang Theory.”

He saw the first episode and he told me it was the worst show on television. The jokes are hard to understand. And it gives a lot of scientific definitions as one of the powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone.

And I was like, are you crazy? You just watched an episode and you come to this conclusion!

OK, I had that thought but I didn’t publish it.

Instead, I quietly said: “I understand why you think so. When I first saw the show, the story was not that interesting. A group of poorly socialized scientists who like Star Wars, comic books, and video games – which I like. The complete opposite.

I’ve never seen Star Wars, or read a comic book, and I’m not a huge fan of video games.

However, it is interesting to see these brilliant scientists struggling under normal circumstances. Also, there are some good guardians and actors in this show. I would suggest you try again

She is, however, a big fan of Sheldon.

Now, I realize this is not the best example. But you’ve got to catch up.

When someone criticizes your choices, don’t be angry.

Even if he dies, he is not mistaken.

They will hold their logic and the more you try to change their mind, the more you think they are right.

Instead, try to understand why they feel that way.

Explain your choice using logic or sensitive arguments – it depends on how they express themselves.

And give them a suggestion on what to do as one of the powerful psychological tricks to influence anyone.

10. Assumption

Let me ask you a question, how do you begin to use the techniques in this article?

If I were to ask, “Are you using these techniques? You could answer with a simple yes or no.”

The question starts with the phrase “How soon …” you focus on something else.

I guess you’ll start using them, but when?


“How fascinated are you with it?”

“Are you curious about how my company can help promote your event?”

You guessed that your company could really promote the event.

You focus on whether the audience is interested in how to do it.

11. Either question

Instead of giving the other person the whole choice, you give them two.


Instead: “Do you want to eat out tonight?”

Ask: “Which restaurant do you want to eat tonight, X or Y?”

Instead: “How do you never bring your projects on time?”

Ask: “When will I do your project at my desk, Friday afternoon or Monday morning?”

12. Tell me more about yourself

This phrase is just the icebreaker you need.

When you first meet someone you can simply say, “Tell me more about yourself”.

This is a broad question and you can both talk about what you are interested in.

13. People need a sacrificial goat

A man is very frustrated with his life and thinks he has no place to go. Then he hears a story about how people are driving him to destruction. Instantly, his whole outlook changed.

The person who tells the truth is just as grateful as he is

Now, from our point of view, the manipulative intention is obvious. But the person is tempted by the idea of ​​blaming someone else.

In other words to find a sacrificial goat.

You don’t have to be bad to apply this technique. And a sacrificial goat can also be a set of ideas or situations that you are not in control of.

For example:

If you are overweight and fail to lose weight, it is not your fault. However, there is only one problem with your organism.

The use of strategy is a statement of moral reason.

And you are shifting the responsibility away from him to something else. As a result, it will be easier to convince him.

14. An easy strategy to be more confident

You can be more confident just by listening to the music.

One study found that listening to live-heavy music can increase your confidence and performance.

Songs like “We Will Rock You”, 2 Unlimited “Get Ready”, and 50 Cent’s “The Club”.

So, when you are feeling nervous before a job interview or date, just listen to a high-energy playlist and you will feel more confident.

15. How to help a friend who is hurt

Your friend is feeling hurt. Maybe he got fired, got a breakup, failed school …

So, what can you do to make your friend better?

Simply saying, “It will be okay” or “I understand your feeling” (unless you go through a similar situation) will not help.

1. Listen. Your presence can be a comfort to a friend.

2. Make their situation sympathetic. “I’m sorry, you have to face this situation right now.”

3. If you have overcome this situation yourself, briefly explain how you felt and how you overcome the pain.

4. Ask, “How can I help?”

16. Strategy for dealing with toxic people

In my last articles, I wrote about different strategies on how to connect with people. However, some people may not want the best for you.

They want to manipulate, bully or blame you for their mistakes.

To protect yourself, you need to take away people of this ability to hurt you.

17. Service

These people constantly seek grace. Surprisingly, they do not seem to have the time to help you.

They may not ruin your life but ruin your day. And waste your time.

Next time a recipient asks you for a favor, follow this scenario.

Taker: Hey, can you help me with this PowerPoint presentation?

Are you sure No problem! And can you help me do Thursday’s presentation?

Taker: Uh …

You: I guess you wouldn’t do me a favor in exchange?

That’s fantastic

Bully is everywhere.

It could be your boss, coworker, or even friend.

You have to understand that if someone threatens you, they think you are an easy victim.

Refuse to follow their script and they will usually leave and look for someone else.

Of course, sometimes being a fool is not a good idea.

For example, if you desperately need a job and your boss has the ability to hire or dismiss you for a second, you don’t have much choice.

Reduce contact with that person and look for a better work environment.

What to do when a bully attacks you verbally!

You can just stop him screaming without screaming. They expect you to shout.

18. Make eye contact

You could also say, “Please speak more slowly, I want to understand.”

Often people will comply with this request. Have you ever tried to yell softly?

Be humble and a bit bored so that your mind is somewhere else.

Also, your body language should convey this message.

Stand up straight, relax, and let your arms suddenly slip out. Do not fold them across your chest defensively.

Often, these reactions bullies feel uncomfortable or even stupid and throw them behind them.

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