Extremely effective Manipulation Techniques

Extremely Effective Manipulation Techniques

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

Not all people are equally influential. Why do some people stop trading more business than others? There are some distinguishing marks one person separate from others. Some people are well aware of extremely effective manipulation techniques and thus rule the world. The difference is very subtle. Anyone can easily grab those extremely effective manipulation techniques by practicing. This article will share a guideline on extremely effective manipulation techniques that leaders possess.

Extremely effective manipulation techniques

Why can some men attract beautiful women when some do not get a date?

For me, the ability to influence people was… weird.

I had no idea how to do it. Until I read some great psychology books.

In this article, I will show you 9 effective fights techniques.

1. I don’t need you. I need you

That’s one of the essences of extremely effective manipulation techniques

You have to know precisely that “I don’t need you; I need you.”

Someone in the upper hand has the ability to walk away from a deal.

For example, you can see it in the discussion.

When someone disagrees with the terms they say, “Looks like we don’t have a contract, so we’ll leave”. Then the other part will feel the pressure and in the end, agree on what they want.

What is the psychology behind this strategy?

When we insist that we need something from us, we work hard

However, if you can convince him that he doesn’t need a deal as bad as he wants, you have a clear advantage over him.

Show him that the decisions he makes make little difference to your current situation.

In addition, never give the slightest sign of disappointment. You need to be very confident in applying this technique.

2. Wise men are the ones who know when to play dumb

The wise people you meet are the ones who behave that they don’t know much about.

Pay attention to those who have made their fortune from scratch. They always report what is still learning. And never claim that they are perfect.

At the same time, there are arrogant people who think they know everything.

Think for a moment, what if you drove people to know a lot?

This makes it suspicious that you are smart enough to use it. But people may not know you’re trying to manipulate them depending on your manipulations.

Often, ‘playing dumb’ can be a great benefit.

The reason is that people like people who seem to know less than they do.

As a result, they will help you succeed.

3. “You’re probably right”

Conflict is expensive as one of the extremely effective manipulation techniques.

Not feeling well with your partner, colleague or even a boss will make your life difficult.

And in a critical time, you won’t get any help because your enemy is waiting for the right moment to avenge him.

Just look at how many people get divorced because one partner doesn’t know how to communicate and treat the other partner well.

Think of how many people are unemployed because they did not join well with a colleague or a boss.

One way to deal with conflict is by using the simple phrase, “You probably said …”

“You’re probably right honey, last week I didn’t spend enough time with family. I have spent many hours working on this project. However, from now on, I will dedicate all my weekends to you.

“You’re probably right, Mark. I’ve been acting like a jerk lately. Thank you for being honest with me. And I’m sorry. I’m going through a lot of stress. Of course, this is not an excuse for my behavior but I’m just trying to say that. It will never happen again ”.

It is very important to keep a sincere tone when using this technique. We do not want the other person to think we are being sarcastic.

When you use this technique, you reduce anger and open the door to a better and more cordial relationship.

4. Qualifications

This is the most important thing to know when trying to hire someone.

We can only be motivated by our choices and respect.

See ads when celebrities call it a great product.

Make sure someone likes you before you handle him.

Sell ​​yourself before selling your idea.

That way, you’ll save energy and time trying to persuade someone who doesn’t listen to you

If you are interested in becoming more likable, you can check out my specific guides. (Charisma Articles)

5. How to win most of your arguments

Often we can discuss different issues with someone.

I have an opinion and I’m trying to convince him right he is doing the same.

It’s only a matter of time before we start a debate to try to prove our point.

Who among us will win the argument? None.

The reason is that trying to misunderstand someone often doesn’t work.

It’s a trait of people. We do not like what we want to do wrong.

The rule is: If you disagree with something that does not affect your mental, physical or financial well-being, do not argue as a part of extremely effective manipulation techniques.

What I am telling you is to avoid arguing about unimportant issues (politics), your opponent cannot pressure you.

And this is a victory for you.

You should carefully choose your battle. If you agree with them and make them like you are, then it’s easy for you to drive them.

Believe me, you will understand how much you can deal with the emotional pain in your side by choosing your differences. The battles that are important to you can save your mental strength.

7. Quick Tips for Driving Someone

1) Try to be friends with that person

Try to talk about what you both agree on. Is he a billionaire himself? Tell him how you had to work in a strange job through college.

During the conversation, if you see areas on which you can see conflicts, then overtake them lightly.

Stick to the things you agree with as a part of extremely effective manipulation techniques.

2) Listen to his objections to your ideas

Many clever people make the mistake of talking too much.

They want to control the situation by making a convincing response before knowing the real objection.

Often they miss the point of the whole objection and argue over the non-existence of some disagreements.

However, listening to attentively has your strategic advantage.

You let her understand you are not ignoring her feelings. He feels that you care about what you think. Also, you will understand him better.

3) Agree with her feelings and massage her ego

Your ideas about the way you do your strategies have just been cut and you have not heard back at all.

It’s time to talk.

You have to understand that he is challenging you. You should address his feelings before using logic. As a result, he will frustrate his watchman and suddenly become more vulnerable to your argument.

Don’t make the mistake of starting with “Yes, but …”

The reason is that it can cause irritation.

Instead, say, “I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I felt myself “

But don’t stop there …

Explain an experience that made you feel that way. As you go, the other person will feel closer to you and be more receptive to your ideas.

4) Identify the areas of agreement

You’ve set up a type of agreement in step 3, so keep going. No matter how much you disagree with him, I’m sure you agree on several points. So pressure them.

7. Put a little pressure on the putt

Sometimes the goal may be in a situation where he cannot make up his mind.

So, now is the time to put some pressure on and take control of the situation.

You have to understand that excessive stress can drive people crazy. And a crazy person is hard to control.

Before using this technique, look for two indicators:

1. When you talk to him, you feel that he does not agree with you as much as when you started.
2. He does not seem to make the decision.

Now, how to apply this technique?

Look him straight in the eye and don’t look.

In a voice of confidence, give one or two strong points. Look him in the face and say emphatically, “That’s it. You are at a good price and this is what you want. You know you can’t get it any less than anywhere else. Let’s do business now. “

Then shut up Whoever says the first thing loses. Silence will push him further.

If you want to raise, say “I’m a good employee. I make a lot of money for organizations. So are you okay to raise me? “Then stop until he/she shows up again.

When negotiating a bid, if he is reluctant, or if the silence goes away, capture a “yes” response.

You can do this by handling the pen for signing the contract or by asking the secretary to type the contract in accordance with your proposed terms.

Then after you wait, talk about something other than a contract.

8 Breakless Reinforcement

First of all, if you skip all the strategies and go straight to the 8th, please go back and read the others as they are also useful.

Secondly, this technique had a huge impact on my life and why.

I was in my second year of high school and I was struggling to connect with people, especially girls.

I had a friend who always had many friends and always had a nice girlfriend.

It always amazes me how he can do this. He was not rich. He wasn’t the one to see “Jack Ephron.” Yet the girls would go crazy around him.

So, I asked her, “Can you give me a suggestion on how you can be successful with girls?”

She told me, “You have to be confident”. Yes, easier said than done, I said.
And most importantly, do not try too hard to please a woman. You know, there are guys who put a pretty girl in a camp and do everything for her. However, this is a mistake. If you think a girl is feeling like you are in control, get a little cold. Spend less time with her. Until he takes another step. “

I have used this technique many times and have worked.

I didn’t understand the psychology behind this technique until I read Arabic Sparkman’s “Art of Manipulation”.

The most important pigeon story you will ever read.

Imagine a caged pigeon, with a bar that makes it like a favorite food that a pill can get.

This meal is a reward for its irony.

You can assume that the pigeon often consumes the food, more often than not.

9. But the results were different:

1. The pigeon never receives food as a boost, it completely stops the bar.

2. Each time the pigeon picks the bar, the bar picks up a moderate number of times.

3. Pigeons occasionally received food. This means that sometimes the bar received the food for the lips and sometimes it did not receive any rewards for the lips. Here, the dove tied the bar like crazy.

Our human nature is very similar to the dove.

Extremely Effective Manipulation Techniques

10. Figure Sales Certificate – Grant Cardone

Every time we look at a person (when we treat them well) we get stronger, we start to take that person for some dignity. Just like when the pigeon is regularly reinforced, he gives a lip to the bar moderately.

It shows that people take what they have for granted.

In the third case, the pigeon received only dispersed fusion to bind the bar, with the pigeon never knowing whether it contained a food pellet.

And it reveals a shocking fact about human behavior:

People do not want what they can feel.

This desire is the cause of many faults of man.

As a result of this desire, people want to buy products that they cannot afford. And it drives people to follow a woman/man they can’t have.

The best tool is to use intermittent reinstatement to manipulate this desire.

This is a two-step strategy. First, give the person what he/she wants (attention, love, money). Second, withdraw and become cooler and see the person fighting to get your attention.

This technique sounds simple and easy to understand. However, it is difficult to implement because you have to supply something to his / her way.

You enhance this person by appealing to him, paying him, or worse by giving him something else.

Try to put yourself in his place and ask yourself what his ego will encourage, what does he really like? Then the moment you feel that the person is taking you for dignity, withdraw his reinforcements to the venue.

11. Love is the application in life

Let’s assume you’re trying to make a woman attractive and treat her as friendly as possible. Also, he seems to respond well.

But sometimes you feel that he is less focused on your words.

Now is the time for you to be cool and curious. Ignore him for a while. But do not act like a wounded child.

Instead, show by your behavior you can take him or leave him. If possible, make him jealous by talking to other women in front of him.

She’ll doubt she can have you. Your independence and confidence are interesting. You are sending the message, “I want you, but if you are not interested, take or leave but I can always have other women.”

After you withdraw the reinstatement, wait for it to take its first step.

12. When all else fails, use the “dirty” way

If you can’t drive a person, try to impress his / her friends.

For example, if you want a girl to be your own, she is not responding well. So you can attract his friends.

After he realizes that his friends like you, he may decide that his first idea was wrong.

If you are a woman, know that men are equally at risk for this indirect business.

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