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55 Examples of Leadership and Management Styles in Nursing

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

Leadership cannot be imposed. It doesn’t come in a day. It is a long-term culture. Leadership has no boundaries. We can’t confine leadership with some limited specifications. Leadership is a basic need in every profession. All professions have some specialty in leadership. This article intends to discuss the importance of leadership and management styles in nursing.

Leadership and Management Styles in Nursing

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Some nurses have a part of leadership skills. Some are good at some level of leadership, some are at the average level of leadership as well as leadership styles in nursing management preferred and perceived. Everyone is distinguished from one another. But, the best is that who has all of the following extraordinary leadership and management styles in nursing.

Those who don’t have can improve the effectiveness as a leader by culturing these:

1. Commitment to excellence

Commitment is a trait that gives a person a sense of responsibility that leads her to meet up the promise she undertakes with someone.

As a dynamic leader, it is your commitment to your passion and meaningful purpose. You must have the type of commitment that turns into perseverance.

Some nursing leaders seem to be committed patient advocates, lab attendants, motivation facilitators, clinicians, or employee advocates in the paper.

However, the true examination of commitment comes out when it’s difficult to go out of your comfort zone and join work with a smile on the face.

You can do it only when you can realize to serve a great purpose in your life through leadership and management styles in nursing.

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To successfully meet the challenging situation and service example in leadership and management in nursing, you should decide on three priorities every 30 days and take the nursing leadership topics as challenges to succeed. Leadership is a trait that breeds many followers.

2. Ask for feedback

On your priority nursing leadership project ideas, collect feedback on what your other colleagues are thinking about. When you comply with your team, they will stay focused. It also indicates a good insight into the strategic plan for leadership and management styles in nursing.

3. Know your passion

Many nursing leadership articles, books, and journals state that commitment to excellence starts with the leader. It is crucial to know about your passion.

Listen to your heart. Where you are is now, and where you were in the past. You will learn to serve and share your skills, abilities, talents, and commitment towards your leadership process in nursing.

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4. Self-assessment

In case you have queries or doubts about your abilities, you may reevaluate your next course of action. It is because, in the end, your leadership qualities in nursing will be reflected through your performance.

Your leadership philosophies in nursing will enable you to meet up your purpose, which will consequently increase your level of satisfaction for management styles in nursing.

5: Don’t ignore crucial issues

Service standards should be among your top priority nursing leadership jobs. Your best motivation is the higher patient satisfaction graphs, which are related to higher staff satisfaction in leadership and management styles in nursing as well. Control your anger.

Have your patience like the mountain. Measuring staff satisfaction benefits nursing leadership units, organizations department, and team in management styles in nursing.

6. Perfect action plan

Generate practical action plans to increase employee satisfaction, include all employee levels, and measure them every year in your nursing leadership organizations. A proper action plan speaks out many hidden issues of leadership and management styles in nursing.

7. Care

Become accustomed to your patient satisfaction measurement equipment, software, and tool. When your patients are satisfied with your service, it will automatically uplift your leadership and management styles in nursing among your team.

8. Quality

When you will be able to ensure quality in your nursing leadership organizations, your service will be meaningful and memorable to your patients. So, quality should be one of your top priorities. Daily practice and communication should be your core area of measurement in leadership and management styles in nursing.

When you keep this effort regularly, it will turn into a significant area in your nursing leadership units of management styles in nursing.

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9. Create values among team

Make them bloodstream in your nursing leadership organizations for leadership styles for nurses.

Make your staff, team and other employees believe that patient satisfaction, safety, and value addition are among the breadth of your nursing leadership theories.

Share and inspire your team from the front to maintaining quality standards, which are a meaningful way of pleasing leadership and management styles in nursing.

A unit- and department-centric performance improvement measures to be initiated. You should make this process practice for all in your leadership styles in nursing. An evaluation of a stipulated time will be effective.

10. Professionalism

Use your staff, colleagues, very professionally. Human resources are a vital part to maximize success in your nursing leadership roles. Your people are your strength. Above all, you have to set examples before them. Be the role model.

11. Encourage positive conflict

A perfect team should have positive conflicts over innovation. Spur their skills and strengths to expedite your nursing leadership qualities and leadership styles in nursing management.

You can reorder the number of beds, a number of patients or a number of services in your existing unit to justify your growing abilities in leadership and management styles in nursing.

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12. Financial plan

Pay full attention to the financial sector of your unit. Finance is not less important than improving people, education, quality, experience, service, and implementing nursing leadership project ideas. Finance is a key trigger that is associated with the growth of leadership.

Generate your team-based financial plan preferably for a year. When there will be a budget for remuneration, training, expenses, resources, supplies, and capital investment for executing well-planned nursing leadership roles.

13. Execute short target

Focus on executing short-term financial targets. When you miss your monthly financial goal, take initiative to recover in the following month do that you may justify nursing leadership positions.

14. Set Priorities

Your priorities will be to meet the standard for parents’ admissions, transfers, and discharges on your nursing leadership jobs.

Display the chart in a visible place, so that your team may realize the costs for belated admissions, transfers, and discharges as well as to hold patients in the emergency section, intensive care unit, and other zones.

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15. Nurture professionalism

Nursing leadership organizations demand some nurse leaders who will have vision and passion for their nursing jobs. Nursing leaders should have a commitment to excellence.

Patients come to them in a distressing situation. Handling patients in a professional way meets the demand for nursing leadership jobs as well as leadership styles for nurses.

In need, a nursing leader needs to demonstrate traits like integrity, courage, ability to inspire and develop others, and empathy for both patients and the staff in the nursing leadership and management

16. Search for a mentor

Mentors are useful coaches in nursing leadership organizations. A good mentor is an invaluable ingredient in nursing leadership jobs.

Experts in nursing leadership books, journals, theories, quotes, and articles say mentors are very essential for nurses to uplift to the next step of their position.

All mentors are not appropriate for everyone. Different mentors in nursing leadership organizations have different impacts on different positions and personalities.

You justify your need and pick your mentor for leadership and management styles in nursing accordingly. The selection tip is, pick a mentor whom you admire, or whose qualities coincide with you.

17. Patients centric

As the first and foremost duty, a nurse from leadership positions must be clinically competent as well as clinically knowledgeable in nursing leadership management and leadership styles.

The nurse clinical leader is knowledgeable, stays current in the professional, and maintains professional growth.

18. Set your action plan

Set your one, two, five, and ten-year goals that you aim to achieve from your nursing leadership position. Know your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can address these properly in leadership and management styles in nursing.

19. Self-development

None but you know yourself the most. With the pace of time, you have to uplift yourself as competitively as possible.

Learning and development have no limit. Continue to pursue education, training, and development in your area of interest or expertise.

Invest in yourself whenever possible. Read nursing leadership books, journals, quotes, quizzes, theories, articles, and certification as many as you can.

Learn new nursing leadership topics from others. Take part in nursing leadership project ideas, conferences, courses, workshops, seminars, and competitions. No learning goes in vain.

Pay your time and effort to reflect on good leadership qualities in nursing, behaviors, and attributes. Compare your behavior with a leader’s so that you can understand what makes a good leader in nursing leadership and management roles.

You will find a lot of nursing leadership articles, quotes, books, journals, ideas, or projects that talk about growth in leadership styles in nursing.

When there will not be continuous growth in your nursing leadership, you won’t be able to estimate your growth.

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20. Involve yourself

Understand that the nursing leadership organization needs your contribution. Get involved in your role dedicatedly.

Create opportunities when your role needed. Try to perform more than the expectation of your nursing leadership roles. The best leaders are those who set their little footsteps and build up from there.

Create, drive, and lead change that will have a great impact on nursing leadership and management.

Improvise some new nursing management roles that will extend your personal and professional goals. Doing more will allow you to exercise and compare your leadership capabilities.

management styles in nursing leadership styles for nurses

21. Visible growth

The best way to make your growth visible is to make a proper course of action and business plans on the basis of team-based projection volume.

When you measure your growth, you can easily re-frame your growth opportunities in case your team can’t perform up to their productivity in your leadership and management styles in nursing.

22. Harness your ingenuity

Leaders must be fair and candid. They are authentic. In nursing leadership organizations, truthfulness is a sheer necessity. Be honest, ethical, and encouraging to yourself with integrity, and transparency in your nursing leadership positions.

A fantastic nurse leader is a person who has the openness and confidence to perform consistently from the front in a variety of people with inspiration, aspiration, authenticity, and values.

23. Payback

Since you take the leadership, you have to give back to the surroundings you are attached to. Assist others to achieve their goals for management styles in nursing.

When you will be able to create more leaders, you will be a successful leader in the leadership and management styles in nursing.

Be the leader of the leaders in the nursing leadership organizations. When the changes will take place, and when the achievements will be gained, your nursing leadership positions will be visible.

24. Develop a self-management goal

As a leader, your challenge is to go a long way. There will have a series of efforts and endeavors on your way to reach your goals.

The success path is not the bed of roses. Recharge your strength, spirit, and stamina. Ensure you take care of your own health with physical activity, a healthy diet, and stress management procedures in leadership and management styles in nursing.

25. Enjoy nursing leadership

Enjoy the journey in your nursing leadership roles. Have a lot of fun. When you will have love and passion for a task, it will turn into a play.

When you love your work, love people around you, they will also rely upon you. When you get love, respect, and acknowledgment from your team, it should be your greatest achievement in leadership and management styles in nursing.

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26. Earn Credibility

Leadership is an action of credibility. When your followers will be accepting your direction, decision, and discussion from their hearts, your leadership success will reach its peak. Credibility is the foundation of leadership styles in nursing.

Followers are prone to go with a leader who is credible. It is the foundation because, without the trust and confidence of the followers, a leader is not a leader in the true sense of nursing leadership and management.

27. Keep the commitment

Commitment is a promise that is to keep. Respect your commitments in your nursing leadership roles. You have to keep your commitment to leadership and management styles in nursing. Never make a commitment that you may not be able to keep.

28. Accept mistakes

Mistakes are common in every person’s life. You won’t find anyone who never does mistakes. But the difference is that a leader accepts her mistakes and takes responsibility for mistakes.

29. Discard the blame game

A person who doesn’t have the courage to win his own frequently falls into the bad habit of playing the blame game, during real challenges. You are the leader, not any other else. Leadership mentality and spirit never give an excuse for failure.

30. Be generous

Accept the compliments with generosity in leadership and management styles in nursing. Also, lavishly compliment and praise your team members whenever they deserve this for any achievements. Take the charge of your team’s failure.

31. Listen more than speak

A good nurse leader is a good listener. It is mentioned in many nursing leadership quotes, books, and journals. In the leadership styles in nursing, listening is very important. Patients usually like a nurse who is a good listener.

Listening is the prerequisite for understanding. When you will be understanding the problem, you will address the deal properly. Listening is a way to express empathy who are around you.

32. Reflect personal values

Filter your personal values so that you can communicate them to your team and supervisor through your intention, words of mouth, and actions in leadership and management styles in the nursing environment.

33. Be productive

You should grow your productivity in your nursing leadership jobs. Growing leadership will enable you to work productively in groups or teams in leadership and management styles in nursing.

34. Be optimistic

Grow your enthusiasm for your nursing leadership activities, assignments, and ideas. Keep an optimism for the future. Be positive nurse managers as transformational and transactional leaders.

Segment your time wisely. Found in history, a person who uses his time properly can achieve a lot. Set priorities for your work, and discard activities that waste your valuable time in the nursing leadership roles.

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35. Personal relationship

Your personal relationship with the team will make your job much easier. Develop personal relationships and networking.

Good networking allows you to improve social skills, emotional intelligence opportunities to expand your knowledge.

Build relationships with the patients at the individual level, as their caregiver, at their mental state, level of pain, the risk for falls, etc. intervene, counsel, and advocate your patients in the nursing leadership roles by speaking to the care team.

36. Effective communication

Share your opinion and thought with related team members in your nursing leadership positions. Inform the right person in case you have found something that doesn’t seem quite right.

Stop if you notice any corruption, negligence, or incongruity by anyone in the nursing leadership organizations. Be willing to share ideas that can enhance the quality of care in your unit.

37. Enhance your knowledge.

With time, your knowledge, expertise, and career goal should enhance systematically.

Grow willingness to undergo some MORE research on a patient’s condition, as well as a workflow process you deem could be further improved and systematic in the nursing leadership roles.

There are plenty of learning materials all around. Pick the right one for you.

Read nursing leadership articles, books, journals, theories, projects, and quotes, attend conferences, seminars, take courses, quizzes, or quilts related to leadership skills development.

Next, keep your efforts on putting these skills into practice as regularly as you can. Additionally, find out a mentor who can share knowledge, information, and learning materials with you in your nursing leadership roles.

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38. Develop teamwork

Your team will be your strength. Develop a good team. Be willing to mentor less experienced, amateur nurses, and staff.

It will be a good testimonial for your nursing leadership positions. Volunteer to dedicatedly serve on a formal or informal committee.

Help others achieving their goal without any return. Proactively come forward in case you feel something needs a successful finishing.

Motivation, guidance, and support are important to equip your team. Different persons have different needs. Assess them well, mitigate negativity, and delegate property in order to ensure leadership styles for nurses.

39. Have a clear vision

Without a clear vision, anyone’s life is like an aimless journey. A journey to nowhere. A nursing leader should have a fixed vision, that should be the best of all.

The trait of the thriving leader in the nursing positions is to assist others in performing their best to accomplish the optimum outcome at the end.

A charismatic leader in nursing management is a role model of confidence, which is a key leadership skill.

Every action like being proactive in every opportunity, knowing what needs to accomplish, and offering patients at the individual level a compassionate, confident, and empathetic attitude to improve their situation.

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40: Service culture

Nursing leadership is a culture that is to nurture from the soul. It is not qualities that are imposed externally in the leadership and management styles in nursing. Motivate your colleagues to appreciate patients as more than customers.

It is your personalized services, care, and compassion that motivate your patent customers to return to your hospital, nevertheless, you even don’t have modern state-of-the-art amenities and the latest technology.

Make such a culture that your staff renders such superb services to the patients as if they are in a posh hospital. Be a role model of a servant-leader with tremendous efforts for being nurse managers as transformational and transactional leaders.

41. Etiquette

From a nursing leadership position, teach them to properly maintain telephone etiquette.

You can instruct them to take support from prompts and scripts while answering telephone calls. Here lie your successful leadership and management styles in nursing.

42. Smile

It is also required to welcome patients with a sincere smile on the face when entering and leaving their rooms in leadership and management styles in nursing.

43. Proactive initiatives

Nursing leadership positions ask for proactive initiatives to be imperative, impartial, humble, open, compassionate, and available to learn every day. Remember, when your team will get a leader like you to lead, they will follow you.

44. Develop & create more leaders

One of the nursing leadership quotes is, “when your contingent or unit can play their role & run independently without you, your job is done.” This adage is obviously true. To comply with this, set a succession plan for yourself as well as your unit as early as possible.

Know the individual requirements of your team. strengths and weaknesses of your individual team members.

Celebrate publicly when any of yourself employee can incorporate this to the team. Reward them for success. Mitigate in case there are any seen or unseen conflicts prevail within the contingent.

Give them credits. Do regular effective meetings, mentoring, coaching, and counseling with them. Communicate properly.

Show them hope, growth, and development. Stay positive so that they also remain positive.

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45. Lifetime learner

A successful nurse clinical leader is a person who is a lifetime learner, critical thinker, and open to innovative ideas.

You can’t do it all alone from your nursing leadership roles. Take assistance from other mentors, leaders, and colleagues. When you keep this practicing as a part of a nursing leadership position, your team will gradually be equipped to go on independently. Learn whatever you can.

46. Prioritize employee satisfaction

When your colleagues and staff will not be happy with their job, and the environment you give them, you will not be able to uplift your nursing leadership positions in the end. Formulate the work environment around nursing leadership role a fantastic place to work on for all.

47. Relationship development

A personal relationship is very useful in everyday affairs. Recall names, hobbies, problems, and their children’s names on a personal level. Send gifts and cards on occasions, success, and events.

One of the nursing leadership quotes is, an informed employee is a satisfied employee. Review their pertinent information, new changes they faced, celebrations the observed, problems they faced, the success they achieved, etc.

Address their every single issue seriously. Don’t micromanage them, but don’t even ignore their little problems, which might be bigger gradually.

management styles in nursing leadership styles for nurses

48. Individual accountability

Make sure all of your employees are accountable to meet their overall goals in the assigned nursing leadership and management jobs and leadership styles in nursing management preferred and perceived.

Implement a reporting system for the individual level. An online reporting software will be good in the existing nursing leadership theories.

Google form or excel sheet is very handy to collect reports on the daily, weekly, or monthly report on their activities, achievements, challenges faced, challenges overcome, generated impact, or any other set standard KPI.

You may also develop a simple scorecard for every staff in your nursing leadership roles. Monitor their progress, development graph, achievements, areas of improvement, etc. at regular intervals.

49. Continuous improvement

You have to assess the level of growth of your employees. When you cannot justify their performances, how will you mentor them for development in your nursing leadership and management?

SWOT approach (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) should be working great. Give them feedback during the 1 to 1 meeting at every interval. Check out whether they finish their committed jobs or not. Manage your time well.

Keep accurate records on your leadership and management styles in nursing, for their annual performance evaluation.

When the employees will properly be evaluated, they will have something for themselves in the nursing leadership jobs.

50. Synchronize values and attitudes with vision

In nursing leadership and management, behavioral standards for all staff should be aligned with values, mission, and standards in nursing leadership organizations. Gather all initiatives taken by your team as per the set standard.

Nursing leadership project ideas should be aligned to the nursing leadership and management of the hospital.

There should be a commitment to writing. Reiterate standards regularly. They should know the nursing leadership quotes of your organization. Counsel them from your nursing leadership books when required.

51. Communicate

Proper communication is a way to hold an interdisciplinary team tight in a successful nursing leadership and management style.

Your team should know their authority in your leadership and management styles in nursing. They should also know who does what to successfully execute their nursing leadership roles.

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52. Respect for others

You can cross the administrative responsibilities of your team so that they know each other well. It grows fellow feeling and respect for other persons.

Ensure support wherever needed. Incorporating senior personnel having hand-to-hand experience will be encouraging for the juniors.

A collaborative relationship among senior leaders and front-line leaders on nursing leadership topics will strengthen the continuous influx of nursing leadership certification.

A hospital with higher vacancy and turnover rates may incorporate them so that the team may hear about the retention and recruitment process. They should also know organizational policies, rules, and regulations.

53. Recognize achievements

People love quick recognition. Make a culture to recognize success, don’t make it delay. It is found in the research that, the contributor feels more than 70% motivated to promise for better performance if they get recognition by the next 24 hours.

Your leadership and management styles in nursing should recognize and appreciate any remarkable small as well as a big success by your team members.

Ongoing recognition and reward go a long way to motivating the community and increasing creativity and innovation in the leadership and management styles in nursing.

54. Reward

Make your dedicated time to meet, offer words of appreciation, pat on his shoulder with a candid smile on the face, and say you have interest in them.

There are many other instances to reward and motivate your nursing leadership organizations.

Your success in a nursing leadership position greatly depends on the achievements of your team. Significant success lies when you produce more leaders behind you. It is a way of sustainable leadership in nursing organizations.

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55. Clarify expectation

Let your employees know your expectations from them. Set achievable and justified targets, goals, and objectives for them. Reward them in any form when they achieve as a token of appreciation from your nursing leadership position.

Collaborate, share, assist, and explain measurable data to your team on a regular basis to cultivate your leadership and management styles in nursing.

Take away

Whatever nursing position you meet, grow your nursing leadership roles by reading useful nursing leadership articles.

Your nursing leadership theories should encompass staying committed and focused. Inscribe your nursing leadership certification in the hearts of the team you have built to assist you to meet the goals and objectives.

Enlist your leadership model in nursing leadership books or journals. Create your own leadership styles in nursing instead of following the old pattern.

Everyone is not a leader, very few persons can be part of nursing leadership quotes! By this, you will gradually be developed your leadership and management styles in nursing.

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