Things to Ask HR in an Exit Interview

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

An employee’s view of what it is like to work in an organization can be an eyesore for the human resources department. There are points to address as an employee and things to ask HR in an Exit Interview. When you resign, leave, or end up, your company may ask if you answer questions to provide insight into the workplace.

It is in your employer’s best interest to give you an exit interview and use the information to change and improve policies that affect the work environment.

Exit interview meaning is clear to all, it is an interview the HR usually arranges in many organizations in order to know the cause of leaving and the recommendations for future improvement.

“Exit interviews typically take place for the employer’s sake, not the employee’s,” explains Dina Amouzigh, People’s Operations Manager at the online healthcare portal CareDash. “The purpose is to get information and feedback based on the employee’s experience or context for their ultimate decision to separate.”

Get ready for your meeting, because you’ll also have the opportunity to ask about your own personal situation and what you can expect after the last day of work.

Unwilling to be named

Before answering a question from an HR representative, ask that your responses remain anonymous and put in a statistical analysis with others who have left the employer.

Also, determine that honest answers will be held against you and will prohibit future re-employment with the same company.

Your participation in an exit interview is not mandatory, as you have already instructed you to leave your notice.

But if you are not guaranteed that your personal views are in the human resources department, you may not feel safe sharing honestly your experiences with management and colleagues.

The latest paychecks and benefits

Ask for the total amount of vacation you accumulate. The HR employee will tell you that you can be paid for your vacation time or if you can continue your time with the company on regular paychecks.

You may need to take your vacation time to scheduled date, so it’s best to give it a single digit.

Find out if your treatment facility will continue for any time after your departure, and if you can buy them outside your employment.


During your departure interview, you may be offered a severance package, a competitive form with a list of clients that you cannot contact or other separation agreements.

Don’t feel pressured to sign documents at the venue.

For example, you need to carefully review your customer list to make sure they were not your client before hiring the company.

If you do not fully understand what you are being asked to sign, talk to an employment attorney or union representative before returning the documents to your employer.

Things to Ask HR in an Exit Interview

Reference Letter

If your performance was satisfactory and your time at the organization might qualify you for a future position elsewhere, ask for a reference letter to the HR representative.

Information collected from your departure interview may be an unwanted change to your previous workplace.

This may prevent you from asking your previous managers for a glowing recommendation.

If possible, wait for the HR employee and will give you a reference letter at the end of your exit interview.

Otherwise, make sure to mail your address and follow up within a week to make sure it is written.

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