What is the Best University in Indiana

What is the Best University in Indiana in 2020-21?

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Whatis the best university in Indiana? Education is such a great thing that guardians and students from many of the Indiana inhabitants as well as the neighboring states search for the best universities in Indiana to pursue higher education. You will find much useful information about top universities in Indiana on the internet. This article will be sharing some collected lists of the best universities in Indiana. You are independent to search more on the interet for the top universities in Indiana.

College sports are a big issue in many of Indiana’s leading colleges and universities, especially Purdue University – West Lafayette and Indiana University – two of the largest colleges in Indiana with graduate admissions. In addition to the large universities, Indiana has many notable midsize colleges and small liberal arts centers.

The top colleges and universities are located throughout Indiana and cities including Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend and the state capital of Indianapolis. Indiana residents cannot attend select public colleges and universities in eight states, including Illinois, Michigan, and Missouri, and pay no more than 5% of the state’s education rate through the Midwest Student Exchange Program.

Source 1: What is the best university in Indiana?

As per the source, we have endeavored to make a list of the best universities in Indiana

  1. Taylor University
  2. University of Evansville
  3. Goshen College
  4. University of Notre Dame
  5. Indiana Wesleyan University–Marion
  6. Bethel University
  7. Oakland City University
  8. Grace College and Seminary
  9. Hanover College
  10. Holy Cross College
  11. Huntington University
  12. Indiana Institute of Technology
  13. Indiana State University
  14. Indiana University–Bloomington
  15. Indiana University East
  16. Indiana University–Kokomo
  17. Indiana University Northwest
  18. Indiana University-Purdue University–Indianapolis
  19. Indiana University–South Bend
  20. Indiana University Southeast
  21. Indiana Wesleyan University–Marion
  22. Manchester University
  23. Marian University
  24. Martin University
  25. Oakland City University
  26. Purdue University–Fort Wayne
  27. Purdue University–Northwest
  28. Purdue University–West Lafayette
  29. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  30. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
  31. Saint Mary’s College
  32. Taylor University
  33. Trine University
  34. University of Indianapolis
  35. University of Saint Francis
  36. University of Southern Indiana
  37. Valparaiso University
  38. Vincennes University
  39. Wabash College

Source 2: What is the best university in Indiana?

As per the source, we have attempted to prepare a list of the best universities in Indiana

  1. University of Notre Dame
  2. Purdue University
  3. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  4. Indiana University – Bloomington
  5. Wabash College
  6. Butler University
  7. DePauw University
  8. University of Evansville
  9. Taylor University
  10. Valparaiso University
  11. Earlham College
  12. Goshen College
  13. Saint Mary’s College – Indiana
  14. Ball State University
  15. Indiana Wesleyan University
  16. Indiana University-Purdue University – Indianapolis (IUPUI)
  17. Hanover College
  18. Manchester University
  19. Marian University Indianapolis
  20. University of Saint Francis – Indiana
  21. Purdue University Northwest – Hammond Campus
  22. Huntington University
  23. University of Indianapolis
  24. Indiana University – Kokomo
  25. Trine University

2020-2021 Best College methodologies

As per the source the following methodologies have been used for Rankings for 2020-2021 to find the answer to what is the best university in Indiana.

Rankings are based on rigorous analysis of academic, admissions, financial and student life data, including millions of reviews by students and alumni of the U.S. Department of Education. Learn where our data comes from.

Things are considered

Factor Particulars Source weight
Academic grade Curriculum Academics Grade that covers topics such as academic-related accreditation rates at school, quality of professors, as well as student and alumni surveys. Multiple Sources 40.0%
Standard grade Lower-grade grades, which include statistics such as the average loan amount, alumni earnings and quality student surveys. Multiple Sources 27.5%
Professor Grade Includes topics such as professor grade, number of faculty awards, student-faculty ratios, as well as student surveys about the quality of the professor. Multiple Sources 7.5%
Campus grade The campus quality grade, which includes topics such as the quality of campus food and housing quality, as well as a survey of students on-campus facilities. Multiple Sources 5.0%
Diversity grade The Diversity Grade, which includes topics such as student body ethnic composition, the proportion of international students and out-of-state students, as well as student studies on-campus diversity. Multiple Sources 5.0%
Student Life Grade Below is the Student Life Grade, which includes statistics on student life such as safety, diversity, athletics and student surveys. Multiple Sources 5.0%
A survey of students on the overall experience 1-5 scale-based survey responses related to the overall experience of students and alumni at each school. self-reported
Local area grade Kulushi Local Area Grade, which includes topics such as median rent, local crime rate, access to facilities, as well as surveys of local area students around campus. Multiple Sources 2.5%
Safety grade Safety grades, which include topics such as campus crime rates, local crime rates, as well as surveys of students on campus health and safety services. Multiple Sources 2.5%


The same methodology is used to produce the overall lower grades of each of the ranked schools as well as additional 4-year colleges. Statistics from the United States Department of Education represent the most recent data available by colleges as self-reported.

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